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Psychology and technology at work

Psycruit is a flexible online and mobile-first psychometrics platform that enables you to create customised assessment campaigns for recruitment and development processes. You choose which assessments to use from our range of psychometrics and tests. Your choices include personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests, ability tests and recruitment tools.

What's inside Psycruit?

Psycruit offers assessments that we have developed over the last 25 years to help you to identify the best people and help them to develop their performance at work.

Psycruit provides advanced profiling and reporting:

  • Personality, emotional style, motivation, culture-fit, and potential
  • Leadership Style, Sales Strengths, Team Strengths
  • Interviewer Guidance, Onboarding, Personal Development, Volume Sifting
  • Mental firepower
  • Situational judgement


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Looking for some help with tests?

Advice and practice for anyone taking a personality questionnaire.

Advice and practice for anyone taking an ability test.

Download more information about Psycruit

The Psycruit product information pack.

Psycruit psychometric, technical and functionality information.

Want to become a Psycruit user?

Register for a Psycruit test-user account at the Criterion website.

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